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How To Donate

We welcome all those who are able to hit the Donate button. Any donation is greatly appreciated and your support and generosity will help those individuals who have suffered spinal cord injuries in so many ways.


We also welcome those who want to get creative and host an event of their own. Have you had thoughts of running a road race, half marathon, or marathon of your own and you are looking for a cause to run for? The Matt Brown Foundation would be honored to be your reason for doing so. What about hosting a wiffleball tournament, cookoff, or lemonade stand? We would be honored as well!


Just contact us and we can get things rolling!

How To Sponsor

Throughout the year, we have many opportunities for you or your organization to become involved with the things we are doing.


We are excited to have a team in the Boston Marathon every April and we are always looking for groups that want to sponsor us. We will proudly display your group on our running jerseys, along with getting your logo on to Matt’s racing chair wheels for all of Boston to see!


Our golf tournament has many opportunities as well, starting with tee box signs on all of the holes. If you are able to support us more, we have Gold, Silver, and Bronze level sponsorships that come with a variety of benefits.


We round out our year with a team in the Falmouth Road Race which takes place on one of the most exciting days on the Cape. Similar to the Boston Marathon, we would love to display your group on our running jerseys as they all take on the 7 miles that Falmouth has to offer.


If you see an opportunity where you or an organization that you know might like to get involved, please send us a message!

How To Volunteer

Luckily, the Boston Marathon and Falmouth Road Race mainly involve those that are running. However, the golf tournament tends to have a lot of moving pieces during the day of the tournament. We have been so lucky with those who have volunteered their time to make both of the years run so smoothly. Like we know, people come and go every year, so be on the lookout for announcements for open positions in 2023!

Thanks for submitting!

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