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Matt Brown Foundation

The Matt Brown Foundation was founded by Matt Brown and his family as a way to give back. Knowing all too well of the challenges that an individual and family face with a diagnosis like paralysis, meant it was time to be there for others, like so many were there for them.

Launching in June 2020 meant having to navigate the pandemic but the support system that was behind Matt made their way over to support the foundation. In the years that have followed, the impact that the Matt Brown Foundation has been able to have on those with paralysis has grown exponentially. Through events like our Golf Tournament, the Boston Marathon, and the Falmouth Road Race, our fundraising efforts have the foundation closing in on $200,000 in grants to individuals battling paralysis, in the forms of handicap accessible vehicles, bathroom renovations, modifications to the home, and pieces of equipment for the individual.

Unfortunately, the estimates of nearly 18,000 new spinal cord injuries occurring in the United States each year, means there will be more individuals learning to navigate a new world in front of them and we will do all that we can to help.

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